Upon our arrival at the 2014 Scottsdale show, we received word that Tapestry had foaled a very sturdy, balanced, beautiful colt by the nationally titled halter stallion, Skyehawkk (Magnum Psyche x Alada Khlasse VS). The little fellow has a certain style & dignity so we immediately named him Skyefall after a favorite Bond film. He's referred to as "007" around the barn and is an exquisite combination of both parents, very much resembling his brilliant chestnut dam with the stature & charisma of his elegant sire. Arabian type, flaxen flash, and 4 matching whites, along with his very kind temperament, we couldn't have hoped for more. 

We’re pleased to report that Skyefall entered his first show with confidence, winning Re Champion Breeding Stallion at the CAHC Fall Show in Castle Rock, Colorado. He handled the entire event like a champ & was exquisite to behold. Special thanks to Frank Dickten and Laura Cronk. 

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